Download your DarkWeb PII & Password exposure report

BreachCheck allows consumers to get a free report listing all of your darkweb PII and credentials exposures.

20 billion

Total records

8 billion+

Total passwords


Unique Data Breaches

Download Your Free DarkWeb PII Exposure Report

BreachCheck is a free service for consumers that allows you to check and download a list of your personal data exposed in various databreaches.

Enter your email address or domain

Using Breach Check to get your dark web exposure report is a simple as entering in your email address or domain to get started.

Verify you are
the owner.

In order to verify you are the owner of an email address, we will send you a verification email before showing you any confidential data.

Receive your data.

Your first Personal or individual report with Breach Check is always free. Follow-up reports will be part of our upcoming 24/7 monitoring package.

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Actionable Darkweb Intelligence

BreachCheck is the only online service that will provide you with access to all of your exposed password and PII, so you can take appropriate measures to protect yourself against future hacks.

The BreachCheck Data Includes

BreachCheck will provide you with any leaked or breached data associated with your personal email address. The data may include the following fields:

  • Passwords
  • phone numbers
  • IP addresses
  • social security numbers
  • Date of Birth and Address
  • hundreds of additional data types.

Secure Results Delivered in
Excel / CSV Format

No data is stored on the BreachCheck servers. Once your email address is verified, data will be queried directly our threat intelligence data lake and sent to you in a formatted, easy-to-use Excel file.

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Frequently asked

No information is ever stored on Breach Check’s site or servers. Our data is provided by ARIA, a threat intelligence tool developed by Night Lion Security. Upon successful validation of your email address or domain, the data will be securely generated from ARIA’s server and provided to breach check via a closed API.

The information we provide is unique to each person and is entirely dependent on the specific data elements found from our breach analysis Those data elements may include fields like usernames, passwords, hashed passwords, phone numbers, addresses, and other forms of PII. Breach Check does not store, nor provide sensitive PII like dates of birth, driver’s license numbers and social security numbers, but we will provide an indicator that the information was found associated with a particular breach.

The first report for any individual is provided free of charge. Future reports and alerting are available on a subscription basis. The cost for entire domains will vary based on the number of detected users.

BreachCheck is typically able to to quickly recover breach data within days of the breach occurring. We use a mix of HUMINT (Human Intelligence) in order to track down breached data from data donations, darkweb marketplaces, data brokers, and other illicit online sources.

BreachCheck is a
free service provided
by Shadowbyte.
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